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Friday, 12 February 2016

Who will be crowned the next Miss Sarawak Ethnic Iban Category 2016?

It seems that the years flew by so fast that Borneo Hornbill Festival is going to be organising its 8th Edition of pageantry with the tagline THE GR8 Road to London BHF 2016

Now, it has gone through a long haul of adventure and culture findings for the past few years. We learnt different costumes of different culture even from different era and sub-ethnicity. More and more "mini researches" being done by the contestants that became an eye opener to all of us. 

I missed last year's Borneo Hornbill Festival as I gave birth to my own Kumang in the making my little Eleanor Lempa. So I hope I am able to see the spectacular presentation of my Borneo culture this year. 

Borneo Hornbill Festival made a great impact on me as it became the platform where I showcased my rare Ngepan Rawai Tinggi thanks to BHF's concept in competition in showcasing the costumes of yester years. Not only it gives the liberty of portraying such, it also gave the emphasise of nature conservation and other aspects of culture such as food, music, tourism, games etc

So, who will be crowned as the next Miss Sarawak Ethnic Iban Category? Well, auditions are happening now...who knows IT COULD BE YOU?