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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sugu Tinggi

Sugu Tinggi
If you were to ask me what would be my favourite accessories in a ngepan, my answer would be sugu tinggi. A sugu tinggi is the headdress that adorns the Kumang. There are many types of sugu tinggi, the prized ones are made of silver, cheaper ones made of aluminum or even aluminum plated with silver. 

A sugu tinggi can also come in many sizes (which my photos will show you). Nowadays it is difficult to find silver sugu tinggi and many are made of aluminum plated with silver and the carvings are not as intricate as the original silver sugu.Now let us browse through the sugu tinggi (photos are courtesy of the internet, friends and also my own):

The tallest sugu I have ever mum's

Well, I'll upload more sugu pictures for this post soon...until the next post ya!

13 March 2012

More sugu photos taken from goldsmiths in Betong area..price is negotiable..

Sugu 1: My friend Sanddy Ngu's sugu

Sugu 2: I call this one sugu Kenyalang
because the main
and side "cucuk" has the hornbill head
Sugu 3: People say this is
sugu belimbing because the
"cucuk" looks like starfruit

Sugu 4: Belongs to Datin Senorita Linang
                                      Sugu 5: Barbara Jabu..daughter on Tan Sri Jabu's sugu...

Sugu 6: Sugu bungai Ikan (Fish)

Sugu 7

Sugu 8


Anonymous said...

Hello miss. I send my question regarding this sugu tinggi to your fb account. It may not directly to your inbox but other as im not your direct friend. Hopefully you will see it and help me to answer the question. Thank you.

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