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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Beauties from The Land Below the Wind, Sabah.

On 11 May 2013 thanks to my friend Stevie Sebol we had the opportunity to watch the selection for Unduk Ngadau Klang Valley organised by Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA). This was the first time that we attended such event so I was very excited that I borrowed my best friend Debra Jane Sator's traditional kadazan costume.

I was informed by Stevie that this event is organised annually so to choose the Klang Valley representative for Unduk Ngadau and Sugandoi. As I observed the event, it began with Sugandoi whereby, it was a singing competition in native language. The winner will represent Klang Valley to the official Pesta Kaamatan in Sabah. Same goes to Unduk Ngadau whereby the crowned winner to represent Klang Valley at the Hongkod Koisaan building in Penampang this 31 May 2013. The state-level pageant is the highlight and ending point of the month long Kaamatan celebrations.

What is Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan?

It began with the legend of the sacrifice of Ponompuan, the daughter of Kinoingan dan Sumundu who then sacrificed is called Huminodun or the “transformed sacrifice”.

As there was no food left for the people of Kinoingan, Huminodun decided to sacrifice herself and be the offering to the great earth so that there will be seeds for planting therefore providing food to the people. It is said that her flesh will be turned to rice, the head into coconut, her bones turned to tapioca, her toes as ginger, her teeth as maize, her knees as yam and other parts of her body be turned to edible plants.

Photographs are by Stevie SebolStevie's FB

 However, in order to have a bountiful harvest she gave instructions as to the harvest to Kinoingan and he followed the instructions carefully. One of the instructions was not to give away the first harvest but to keep it in a big jar or “kakanan” and only to give away harvest on the second year. Eventually, on the seventh day a beautiful maiden came out from the kakanan and she is referred to Unduk Ngadau or the spirit of Huminodun. From that moment onwards, the Kadazandusun people included Unduk Ngadau in the Pesta Kaamatan in order to remember Hominodun’s sacrifice. Hence, Unduk Ngadau is the depiction of the perfect personality of Huminodun.

This year's winner is Ms. Ledesma Ampilah wearing a Dusun Lotud costume
With last year's Klang Valley Unduk Ngadau, Ms. Joanne Bernadette John

It was a great pleasure to have watched this event, wishing all my Sabahan friends Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan..

With this experience it made me believed even stronger that togetherness can be established eventhough how different you might be, afterall, we are serumpun...ARAMAITE!