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Thursday, 6 December 2012

The look of Rawai Tinggi

Recently a friend of mine appraoched me via FaceBook asking whether I can feature his collection of ngepan Indu Iban. I said why not?

Josh Angga, a Saratok guy based in Kuching, has the hobby of collecting ngepan Iban accessories just recently. Among his collections are featured here in this post. His collection was also featured at the Miss World Harvest Festival 2012 worn by Ms. Diana Kedeny.
Rawai tinggi with marek empang
Just with Rawai tinggi
Ms. Diana Kedeny in Josh's collection

There you go...Josh loves to share his knowledge about ngepan indu Iban with all of you who are interested.
You can always contact him at:

By the way he also has the hands for making marek empang too...will be on my next post...

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