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Friday, 28 October 2011

Iban In Indonesia, Dayak Desa, Pakak, west Kalimantan, Indonesia

Iban community is not only found in Sarawak and also some parts of Sabah..In fact this tribe is from Indonesia. Let me share with you the photo of Iban (Dayak Desa) costume in Pakak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia...

Dayak Desa of West Kalimantan

Different places, different fashion.........p/s: they call their "sugu " as Jamang...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Luis Miguel - Contigo Aprendi

Just love this song by Luis Miguel......Contigo Aprendi...

If you were to translate this song it does sound too cheesy lovey dovey...I prefer it in Spanish...just swooned by the language itself...

Ain't he a darl.....
I turned off the light
To think of you
And so, let fly
My imagination.
Wherever I can do everything
Where nothing is impossible
Music Man matters
If so I'm happy
As I'll hold you
As you will kiss

In you carried out,
You bite your lips
I will fill you
And so I turned off the light
To think of you.

With you I learned
There are new and better emotions
With you I learned
Released a new world of illusions
I've learned
That the week has more than seven days
Do my few joys greater
And be happy with you what I learned.
With you I learned
To see the light of the other side of the moon
With you I learned
Your presence does not change by any
I've learned
A kiss that can be sweeter and deeper
I can go tomorrow in this world
Good things and lived with you the
And you learned
I was born the day I met you.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Antoine Dunn? Kumang Saribas's favorite groove.......

Antoine Dunn
Raise your hands if you're an RnB fan...
I'm currently listening to my friend's groove, he's name is Antoine Dunn from Cleveland Ohio..
Let's spin his groove...presenting you....Can't Forget...could be the next babyface perhaps?
Click the link down here:

Give some love to this newbie in the music industry ya!

Please also visit his website too.....Antoine Dunn's website

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

INCREDIBLE INDIA is where Kumang Saribas at......

Kumang Saribas is in New Delhi....
Their familiar rides in Delhi, the "Ambassador"

I pity this little girl...but can be very violent..

At Janpath, souvenirs are sold here..

where can you see an elephant walking on a busy street?

Camera ready autorickshaw driver

after an adventurous ride on an autorickshaw...

If you like tofu, you would like this one even more!

saree frenzy!

Fascinated by the many characters here....updates will follow.......