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Monday, 6 February 2012

Rawai Tinggi

Rawai Tinggi Revisited

Some of you might wonder what is a rawai? Basically rawai is a corset and traditionally for the Iban tribe rawai is either made of silver or brass. Rawai can be classified into different sizes too mainly rawai pandak (low corset) and rawai tinggi (high corset).

The rawai that I used for Borneo Hornbill Festival was Rawai Tinggi made of brass and rattan. It measures from chest to waist and weighs around 4 kilos without being adorned with other accessories. At the moment my rawai is being repaired and for today's post it would feature the processes that you can see in repairing a rawai.

I have my brother to repair the rawai and it is a very tedious work indeed, from thinning the rattan strips, to measuring each levels of the brass rings, taking out the brass rings to replace the new rattan strips etc. Rather than explaining the process in writing, let us view the photos, hope they might help:
the tools and materials
rawai pandak as the "donor"
 * a donor is used to replace the insufficient brass rings of my rawai tinggi.

brass rings from the donor

rattan strips

stainless steel strips
you measure
insert the brass rings to the new rattan strips
make sure you clip the ends
put back the new brass strips

Can't wait for my reinforced rawai tinggi..hope to wear it for my wedding...until we meet again in different post.


Unknown said...

Hi Veeky! Do u know where I can make a rawai tinggi? I sent u a message in Facebook but it might not go through your inbox. Really appreciate the help. Thanks.

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