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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sarawak Fashion Hi-Tea 2012 (17 November 2012)

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" - Coco Chanel 

We got the chance to see the many talented Sarawakian designers display their creativity using Sarawak elements to their designs at the Sarawak Fashion Hi-Tea held on 17 November 2012 at the Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam.

Be it from the material (pua kumbu) to just having motifs of Sarawak I must say Sarawakian designers both senior and the newer ones really impressed me..

I loved looking at Von Jolly Couture's designs as he used Pua Kumbu as the main body of his creations.. Other designers were:

1) MO Studio
2) Erwan Asbor Collection
3) Q.Adamsha; and
4) Propaganda Boutique

Meanwhile, I also designed my own pua kumbu vest which is actually Baju burung (vest) worn by men. I tailored it to make it into a vest cinched on the waist to feature the "peplum" effect. 

Veeky's Design...

My favourite husband :)

With my niece Ms. Kymberly and Ms. Medeline Prada

With Committee Member Mr. Gilbert
Committee members Ms. Magdalene & Ms. Casey
One of the designers Von Jolly
With Panggau Singgai CEO Ms. Alvina

Dresses using pua kumbu by Von Jolly Couture

By MO Studio
With Ms Malaysia World 2011 Ms Chloe and Ms. Pamela Tam 1st runner up

There you go, first stint of Sarawak Fashion...I really hope that this to be an annual event, I'm sure there are many talented Sarawakians out there who are eager to show their designs. It is a great opportunity to show the world that Sarawakian designs do have potential.

Let's make Sarawak Fashion a trend, our culture, a way of life....

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