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Friday, 12 August 2011

Stevie the talented Photographer..

“If I can’t sing, then I shall hum, If I can’t speak, then I shall write, If I can’t draw, then I shall capture it with my camera.” 
~ Veeky-Leonora

The best way to capture God’s beauty is by a camera..drawing could be fun but it’ll take too long. So your best bet is Mr. Camera. This post is dedicated to En Arif a.k.a my new found friend Stevie...

The FRIEND, Manager, Make-up artist also side photographer
Being a sentimental person as I am it is so difficult to return some of the accessories that I borrowed from my friend’s gallery, Mr Leonard Yiu (click here for his gallery: So before returning the accessories I might as well capture my moments wearing it as soon as possible. All this materialised when my friend cum Manager, Susan Leo invited freelance photographers who are interested to do a photoshoot session for free with the ngepan of Indu Dara Insin Temaga and also two more Keling models (Robson Jelian and Paren Nyawi).

Stevie replied us and agreed to do the photoshoot for free.  On 30 July 2011, off we go to Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. The weather was just beautiful as well as the location itself where there is the hanging bridge just nice to portray our costumes. The experience wearing the ngepan in public was a bit daunting at first as people were looking at us as though we were a freak show. But because we love our culture so much, we went ahead and ignore the negative comments given.

Paren and his Brother

My Tukang cucuk sanggul, here is Kholyn

Tukang cucuk sanggul 2, here is Dymphna

Malvin,Robson, Aunty Patricia and me

The girls

Personally, I was very comfortable working with him, very friendly unlike some photographers who would just “shoot and go”; he takes times to know and “break the ice” with the models so that they too will be comfortable while posing. He was also creative in making the three of us posing in many different ways and mood.  Three hours did not seem long enough, it was tiring but fun and I got so many mosquito bites to come along with. 

Photos were edited so fast and the result almost made me cry as all of them were so beautiful and captured with such passion for culture. I must say that Stevie is the right person to shoot anything on culture. Our costumes never looked so alive (ofcourse the models played their role too J) and also not forgetting helping hands by my friends Susan, Kholyn and Dymphna.
With Stevie

With this post I would like to thank Susan Leo for organising the photoshoot, Stevie for taking up a pro bono offer to ‘shoot’ us and becoming a Borneo photographer with a ‘magical touch’, his friend Andy Romeo for driving him to the location, the models, Robson Jelian and Paren Nyawi, aunty Patricia for giving us support that evening. Now let the photographs speak....


Playing our role as "lovebirds"..real kan?

There you go,wouldn't you agree with me that his work is magical? 

To view his work:

Okay till then, have a nice weekend!

Kumang haus..ka ngirup "Kula" dulu...


Susan said...

a very big thanks goes to Mr Tom Rungitom also for his help and introduce me to Mr Stevie ^_^//

Kholyn De Great said...

haha.. sempat lagi iklan coke. lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the Almighty for the opportunity.

Thank you Tom for the information through FB inbox and text messages. And for mentioning my name, at the very first place!

Thank you Susan for the calls, the texts, direction, and invitation.

Thank you Veeky, Paren and Robson for the great photo shoot session. You guys were amazing!

Thank you Andy and Ivy for the good company and driving me to the exact location. (It was Andy's birthday. Happy birthday, D)

Thank you to the newly met friends Kholyn, Dymphna and others (sorry couldn't recall the names but sincerely thanks for the friendly time).

None of these could be accomplished without cooperation.

The final part so cute :)

God bless us, Borneon and everyone, Amen.

Veeky-Leonora Andria said...

Stevie, you're worth the mention...hehe..hope to see you as a very successful Borneo photographer soon...

dexner said...

love ur photogenic face..u looks gorgeous with ngepan and i wish ur luck in ur life..^_^

Veeky Leonora said...

thanks dexner :) all the best to you too ..

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