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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Iban Settlements in Kuching City

How many Iban settlements are there in Kuching City? 
Can anyone guess?
I am currently reading History of Iban Settlements around Kuching City Sarawak by Dr. Chang Pat Foh (Ph.D).

The book
The Main Iban Settlements in Kuching City are:
1) Kampung Sungai Tapang Settlement;
2) Kampung Tabuan Dayak Settlement;
3) Kampung Sungai Stutong Settlement;
4) Kampung Stampin Settlement;
5) Kampung Sungai Laru Settlement; and

6) Kampung Siol Kandis Settlement. 

Other smaller Kampung Iban Settlements would be:
1) Kampung Sungai Agas Baru, Matang;
2) Kampung Kudei Baru, Jalan Nanas Barat;
3) Kampung Sungai Apong Baru; and

4) Kampung Foochow Dayak. Jalan Foochow No.1.
and as for Housing Estates, Iban Settlements are located at:
1) Taman Desa Wira, Jalan Batu Kawa;
2) Taman Boulder Built, Jalan Datuk Amar Stephen Yong;
3) Taman RPR Bandar Baru Samariang, Phase II;
4) Taman Allamanda Indah, Jalan Belatok, off Jalan Matang/Batu Kawa;
5) Taman Malihah Phase I, Jalan Belatok, off Jalan Matang/Batu Kawa;
6) Taman Malihah Phase II, Jalan Belatok, off Jalan Matang/Batu Kawa; and

7) Taman Heng Guan and Taman Suria Jaya, Jalan Matang.

So, any of you living at any of these Iban settlements?


Gabriel said...

Hi...i'm interested in that book about Iban settlements...can i know where to get it? Thankz.

Veeky Leonora said...

The book belongs to my cousin but I think you can get it at Yayasan Sarawak

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