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Monday, 5 August 2013

Tuak - A dying Art

"Tuak" is the what the Iban community name their alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, yeast and sugar basically it is also referred to as rice wine. The beverage is a popular drink among the Ibans and other Dayaks of Sarawak during the Gawai festivals, weddings, hosting of guests and other special occasions. ‘Tuak’, ‘ Burak’, ‘ Montaku’, ‘ Sake’, ‘ Berem’ or rice wine is actually drank by most community in Borneo and the world generally but having different names and base ingredients.

Tuak is a dying art. Why?

There is no proper exposure as to really promote Tuak to the world. The only commercial tuak that I know is the “Royalist”.

Thank you for a proactive initiative done by Mr. Agustus Sapen under the Persatuan Warisan Sarawak Kuala Lumpur for organising the Tuak Education and Appreciation Session recently at Leonardo’s , Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Truly it was and event to be commended because it managed to bring people particularly from the Peninsular Malaysia to know more about the dying art of making Tuak.

The crowd was reasonably large considering the size of the cosy event venue and I can see that Agustus managed to educate the crowd on how Tuak is made, including myself (perhaps I should be making a batch too!). Participants had a great time by sampling myriad range of Tuak from different Tuak makers from Sarawak and also rice wine from other parts of the world.

Tuak making should be revived because it is an art; an art which requires immense skill to make a great Tuak. One of a community’s value is known through its skill in certain art, so why not make Iban community be known as the Tuak Master, master in making it that is. Make a name for yourself, and this is a wake up call for other Borneo community as well because you too have your special brew and distinct characteristics of your rice wine.

                                      Going to the venue

At the venue, Leonardo's
With Mr. Agustus Sapen
One happy face, Mr Francis Kanyan
More happy faces
Yes I agree that Tuak making process is a tedious one but with proper education and hygiene guidelines I am sure that Tuak will make its way like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Rose of the foreign land.


jo su said...

A kumang should be able to make tuak, hehehe....

js said...

Sorry wai, I don't think tuak making ia a dying art. It is very much alive in longhouses and with those living in towns who can make it.

It is easy to make. The recipe is ciping, beras pulut, gula and air pandok.

1. Ciping ulih poslaju ari Sarawak. Ciping TR Enggong is famous in Pakan, Sarikei, Bintangor and Julau. I heard even Sarawak Tourism Board get its ciping supply from here. It is well-packaged as a one district one product. Ciping tu makes strong tuak. Can add more sugar if sweetness is intended. Pecahalu tumbok dalam kain awak nyadi tepung ciping nyak.

2. Pandok beras pulut baka 5 kg beras. Ulih beli ari supermarket. Udah asi pulut masau, arakke ba tikai tauka plastic besai enti nadai tikai.

3. Udah asi celap, gerami ciping. Kalihka asi nyak, gerami baru ngambi kena ciping magang. Kena sudu ngalihka asi pulut nyak, Anang migai ngau jari enggai ka masam. Udah tembu ngerami, simpan dalam tajau enti bisi. Enti nadai, simpan dalam tong sampah besai ti baru, bedau dikena ti dibeli ari supermarket. Tutup manah-manah.

4. Note: Maya mandok ngaga tuak, anang sekali-kali megai utai masam enggai ke tuak masam. Basu jari manah-manah sebedau bepun ngereja.

5. Simpan asi pulut ti udah digerami ciping kira seminggu ngambi bisi ai manis ari asi pulut bisi dipeda. Tau sepi mimit ai tulin tauka culin tu. Kira dua tauka tiga ari, asi manis pan tau diempa enti ka sebadau asi nyak nyadi beram endar.

6. Udah seminggu, pandok ai paip asoh celap. Penyampau ai kena menoh ke tong tuak nyak tadi. Enti udah ditanggong ai tadi, campur ke gula kira-kira 8 agai 10 kg gula tebu ti dibeli air supermarket. Girau nyentok ke lela magang.

7. Udah ai celap, tuang agai beram tuak. Awakke tuak ngau ai nyak sampai 3 minggu tauaka sebulan. Udah nyak tau diabas bubu. Tau sepi asai tuak nyak. Anang aja masam.

8. Enti baru ngaga tuak, ngena tong sampah mit tau meh, Kira ngena 2.5 kg bereas pulut. Ciping Tr ENgggong sepiket ia nyak 5 igi. Enti tong besai, kira 2 piket (10 igi) tau ga tambah 5 igi dah ngambi bisa agi.

Veeky Leonora said...

Terima kasih JS atas komen kita..

Maksud tuak a dying art nya...auk nang sigi amai urang ba Sarawak din nang agi maioh ke nemu ngaga tuak...tang nti nuan ko nemu nda semua bala rebak baru bala dayak kelebih gi ke diau ba Semenanjung tuk nda nemu ngaga tuak...nya meh kebuah tajuk post aku tuak a dying art...laban nti nda diajar ngagai bala kami, alu punas penemu tuk..

Terima kasih.

Bujang Simanggang said...

Great post about 'Tuak" there, knowledge for now-day generation and fuure. Hehe share some Bujang Simanggang

Collin Maltizores said...

just dont forget about LANGKAU..made by wap of rise..

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