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Monday, 21 November 2011

Ngepan Indu Iban - What Accessories I wore for BHF 2011

Ngepan Indu Iban (Part I)

Believe me a complete set of Ngepan Indu Iban (Iban woman costume) is very heavy (mine would approximately weighed 8 kilogrammes). As for my next few posts, I will show you the various accessories that I wore during the Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011..

For start, let me begin with Sugu Pirak.

Can you see the head gear? This headgear of mine is about 11 years old bought by my mum at Sri Aman market, in Iban we called it "sugu pirak".  If we are to translate the word literally, it would be silver comb.

Originally sugu pirak is made of silver therefore the name "silver comb". 

Well, my sugu pirak is definitely not made of pure silver, it is what we call "sugu bugau". Sugu bugau is made of aluminium plated with silver. There are various types of material in which sugu pirak is made of among others are sugu pirak asam (different mixture of silver and other metals) and sugu aluminum (aluminum).

MY WISH LIST TO OWN AN AUTHENTIC SUGU part of my collection.


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