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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Who wil be crowned the next Miss Sarawak Ethnic Iban Category?

Sa, Dua, Tiga, Empat, Lima, Nam, Tuuujuuuhhhhh.......

Seven is the lucky number for Borneo Hornbill Festival this year as it celebrates its 7th Year of establishment in promoting Borneo to the public. One great success of Borneo Hornbill Festival is that it has created many confident young talents who are now considered as successful in their own way.

The pageantry began in 2009 was done in a small scale compared to the newer generation of BHF starting from 2012. It began with just ethnics in Sarawak and in 2012 Borneo Hornbill Festival spread its wings to our neighbour Sabah by introducing our first Runduk Tadau competition for Sabah female. Now the Borneo Hornbill Festival has become a bigger event in Kuala Lumpur's calender as more publicity and exposure of this event has been made be it through social media or word of mouth. 

Borneo Hornbill Festival plays a significant role in the Borneo community particularly within the Sabahan and Sarawakian community here in Kuala Lumpur as it acts as the platform of networking for people from various ethnicity, age and creed. 

As the former winner of the Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011, I have the responsibility (yes until now despite of being married and pregnant too) to promote and explain to my non-Borneo friends what Sarawak is about particularly and Borneo generally. I had a very good experience joining BHF despite being among the more "senior" group age than others but all was for the good. I gained more confidence and also courage to face the public. 

As you have heard on seen on Borneo Hornbill Festival's page...the online voting is still on and have you voted for your favourite?

Here is the link for the online voting and the highest vote of each category will get an automatic place at the grand finals...well who doesn't want that right?

Voting ends this weekend so be fast.....kayuh kayuh perahu for your favourites ya!

And as for me I would always feature this so-called "Wall of Fame" of Kumang Iban BHF starting from my lovely Senior Ms. Nelly Sengalang Kumang Iban 2009...

Okay that's all for now.....All the best candidates BHF candidates!

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