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Friday, 2 December 2011

Iban Marek Empang and Balinese Badong/Bapang

Iban Marek Empang and Balinese Badong/Bapang

It is true indeed that we are bangsa "serumpun" (cluster) as we live within the Borneo Archipelago. Through my readings I have found something pretty interesting about our Ngepan Iban i.e. our "marek empang/tango" has some similarities to the Balinese's "Badong" or "Bapang" , like so:

Marek empang/ Tango
Me wearing ngepan with marek empang

Badong Kain

Balinese Dancer

A badong is normally made of beads and cloth and can be used for condong in legong keraton dance. Other dances that use Badong are "Oleg Tamililingan" (male) and also worn by "Baris" dancers.

Badong is not only made of beads and cloth as some are also made with leather (Badong kulit) depending on type of dance and character.

Oleg Tamulilingan costume

Baris costume

Condong costume

There you go...different in culture with hints of similarities that makes Borneo unique!

Kita serumpun....

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