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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I am a  kacangma addict...

What is Kacangma?
It is a dish normally prepared for women in confinement as the herb is believed to be effective in improving blood circulation and enhancing the immune system, especially in speeding up post-natal recovery. 

Kacangma (the herb) or Chinese motherwort, contains protein, carbohydrates and minerals like calcium, sodium, and potassium, vitamins A, B1, B2 and acid ascorbic, to name a handful.

I had the opportunity to cook kacangma for our pre Christmas lunch and it was a hit! So here is the recipe (there are many other versions on how to cook kacangma but this is my version and I'm loving it):


Kacangma herb

Whole chicken

Old Ginger
(depending on how hot you like your dish to be)

My substitute to ye ol' Langkau is VODKA 


Toast the herbs on low heat until it changes to a darker colour or fragrant

Pound the herbs until fine

Sieve the herbs, discard the rough bits

Pound the ginger

Get the ginger juice (but do not discard the ginger pulp)

Marinate the chicken in the ginger juice

Mix the marinate with the pounded herbs, let it sit aside for 15 minutes
Remember the ginger pulp?

Fry ginger pulp

Now heat 4 tablespoons of cooking oil and a tablespoon of sesame oil, fry the ginger pulp until fragrant.

Put together the chicken mix. Let it simmer with its own juice, once boiling, pour a cup of water. Put on the lid.

Pour the VODKA...

VODKA wants to pose for the recipe...tick tock tick tock

Yup, it's smelling good


Why wait?...try it....


Dayanglaing said...

Haha...nice but in the old days they use "Langkau" more but for me...I used ginger juice more than alcohol so that i don't get headache after eating the kacangma...:)

Veeky-Leonora Andria said...

Yup, but I always forgot to tapau Langkau whenever I come back from Kuching..but Vodka is good enough, at least the smell is slightly better and the chicken tastes sweeter with vodka...

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